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The Elbrow Suite has a fully functional stage which has undergone a number of refurbishment projects over the past 10 years and continues to have maintenance and work completed. This page provides an overview of the space available, as well as some of the technical specifications of the stage - including additional equipment not normally provided (at additional charge).
Note that booking of the Elbrow Suite does not include or guarantee full access to the stage (only to the first set of curtains - approx 2m).

Update: We now have 36 channels of lighting dimmers.

The Space

Dimensions Width Depth Height
Physical Stage 30ft (9.1m) 20ft (6m) 14ft (4.2m)
Working Space 20ft (6m) 20ft (6m) 10.5ft (3.2m)
Auditorium 30ft (9.1m) 62ft (20m) 16ft (5m) Avg

Note: The roof is pitched, and so is about 6ft higher in the centre. The 20ft depth, has 4ft front of tabs and 16ft (4.9m) to the tab line behind (tabs are curtains). The stage floor is 3ft (0.91m) above hall floor level.

There are large doors stage left (2.5m x 2m) leading to a scenery and props store - this also has water facilities for painting. There is access through the scene dock across behind the stage to the Whittucks room (used as dressing rooms). There are two exits stage right - down stage and up-stage - both lead back to the Whittucks room.
Changing Rooms: As well as the Whittucks room, the Abbot Room can also be used, and can be divided into two areas with their own doors.

Technical Specification

Curtains: The stage has three curtain tracks. One at the rear of the stage against the wall (Cyclorama), one approx 2m down (normally with black tabs) and one approx 3.7m down (normally with grey tabs).

Legs and Borders: The stage has three sets (6) of black legs and two solid borders, as well as a cloth frieze down stage. For most occasions these are pre-set.

Lines: The stage (currently) has ten sets of hemp lines, of which the rear five lines have a permanent 7.6m (25ft) barrel attached (which must not be removed). [In future all lines will have a permanent barrel]. These lines are rated at a SWL of 100Kg. There are also two permanent (and two movable) lighting bars rated at a SWL of 250Kg when hanging from their own chains (not from the hemp lines).

Scenery: The drama group (Hanham Players) resident at the centre manage the scenery retained here. This comprises a range of scenery flats, backdrops and a huge range of rostra. You would need to agree with the drama group any usage of such items.
Power/Dimming: The stage has a 3-phase 60A supply - this is divided into 6 single phase 63A outlets, one 3-ph 63A outlet and a number of permanent 13 and 15A outlets. There is allocated space for 48 channels of dimming, of which 36 channels are provided - this is DMX addressable and set to DMX channels 1-36 via dual (for redundancy) demultiplexers. A DMX splitter provided DMX supplies to Stage left and right, as well as to two outlets on the front of house bars. There is also a DMX socket at the rear of the hall for connection of a lighting desk. The wall lights have a seperate dimmer, which is normally allocated to DMX channel 48.
Note: 13A power outlets are provided on stage. Access to larger supplies (32/63A) is by prior agreement only.

Bars and Circuits: For full details of the stage lighting bars and circuits refer to the detailed plan. Basically there are 3 permanent internally wired bars on stage (30 circuits) plus an additional 20 outlets around the stage; and 4 bars front of house (42 circuits) - giving a total of 92 circuits.
The LX bars on stage have a SWL of 250kg, the bars front of house are (currently) derated to 80Kg.
Equipment: Our permanent lighting equipment has been here for many years and comprises of:
  • 6 - ETC Source 4 Junior Zoom Profile Spots [575w]
  • 10 - Patt 123 Fresnel Spot [500w]
  • 10 - Patt 23 Fresnel Spot [500w]
  • 4 - Compartment battens (3 circuit) [500w]
Additionally, we normally have access to 4 Parcans, 2 Patt 743s, 2 Patt 813s, 2 Prelude 16/30, 4 - Prelude 40s, 2 - Prelude F, 5 - Patt 123, 6 - Patt 23. However with DMX and permanent power available, moving lighting can easily be accommodated.
The venue has a high quality JBL 2Kw PA system. This consists of a Crown XTI4002 2.4Kw amp and two JBL Line Array Speakers (CBT 70J and CBT 70JE) with bass extensions - plus a small mixer and CD player. The system has mic and 3.5mm jack points on stage, and can be easily expanded.
In addition. we also have two Celestion speakers (500w) and power Amp (1Kw) and an 8 channel mixing desk. We can also supply (subject to availability and hire charge) CD, 32 channel mixing desk, EQ, additional speakers and effects rack. Note: With larger PA systems and higher sound levels you will not be able to open the windows (due to noise levels affecting our neighbours).

Average Sound levels (over 2hr period) should not exceed 85dBA; peak should not exceed 137dBA at any time.
The Elbrow Suite (auditorum) can seat approx 200 comfortably. We would recommend 12 seats in rows A and B, with 14 seats in rows C to N. There should be a wide gangway adjacent to the front and side fire exits (between rows B and C, and I and J) - with NO central walkway. If a central walkway is required, seats should be limited to 12 per row. It is possible to also get a row O (14 seats) with acceptable leg room. Note; if any stage extensions or musicians are using the floor; or there is a technical contol point or follow spots at the rear, then rows will need to be reduced or removed to accommodate this. Sound systems need to accommodate this space, which is (approx) 20m (l) x 10m (w) x 5m (h).
Meeting Your Needs
We would recommend that anyone planning to make full use of the stage should discuss their requirement with our technical manager - and agrees what is required and what we can supply. Where stage lighting is hired, an additonal charge will be made to cover electricity, lamp usage, gel (colour filters) and time to re-rig the stage. Where additional equipment is needed, we would recommend this is sought from Enlightened Lighting Ltd of Brislington, Bristol.

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